Burst Pipes

If a water or gas pipe leaks, we can attend promptly, our service vehicles are well stocked to repair your water and pipes with minimal utility service down time.

Prevention is the best action and fixing a leak before it becomes an emergency, or it can rust and corrode water systems and taps.

  • General wear and tear of fittings
  • Rusty pipes – which makes brown water come out of your taps.
  • Deteriorated pipe connectors
  • Blocked pipe and Blockages
  • Accidental damage
  • Water pressure changes

If you have a burst pipe or water leak, one way of checking is to monitor your water bill or you can conduct the following test before calling Ideal Bathrooms and Plumbing.

You should make sure all water sources are turned off and check your water meter at night and then again the next morning to identify and changes on the meter.

Our team offer complete plumbing maintenance services, and plumbing repairs for all your household and commercial plumbing needs, including:

  • Water leak detection and repair
  • Bathroom leaks, kitchen leaks
  • Leaking taps, dripping taps
  • Hot water tap leaks
  • Leaking shower repairs
  • Toilet water leaks, leaking toilet repairs
  • Fixing a leaking pipe, fixing a burst pipe
  • Leaking pipes underground

If you’ve noticed a trickle of water that slowly grows stronger, or a sudden gush of water, or your grass going green in 1 spot is usually a good indication of a burst or blocked pipe. Sometimes a pipe will burst in a less-noticeable location and the first signs will be the spread of water across a ceiling or wall.

Examples of Burst Pipes